Brovis d.d. Visoko poultry production complex is located in Donje Moštre village, north of Visoko, along the Sarajevo - Zenica main road. It is the largest and the most modern centre of poultry production in BiH, designed and built with the desire to complete the production and processing chain, following the principle ‘from farm to fork’.

In its development plans, Brovis d.d. Visoko has integrated and developed plants that enable controlled production - production of hatching eggs, the most modern incubator station in the region for the production of day-old chicks, a network of subcontractors for broiler fattening working with the support of the Brovis Veterinary Service, feed production, and the entire slaughter process for production of poultry meat and poultry meat products.

The feed factory is located in the "Brovis" d.d. Visoko complex. According to the global standards and based on its own production specification, it produces all types of feed for its own needs (for the breeding flock and for fattening of chickens), and for the market needs. The capacity of the silo is 20,000 tons of grain.

Poultry slaughterhouse, designed and built according to EU standards, enables the slaughter of broilers at a speed of up to 4,000 pieces per hour with a high degree of process automation. The cooling system working in the range between - 41˚C and + 8˚C, is fully automated and allows optimal temperatures in all segments of production, which is of key importance for the preservation of nutrients and food safety. We deliver fresh and frozen chicken meat in modern refrigerated trucks to sales outlets, thus controlling that last link with the consumers.