Quality and traceability control

The Ovako company pays special attention to safe production, and to the guarantee that the products are of the highest quality and safe. Through the implementation of good hygiene practice, manufacturing practice, HACCP and HALAL certification, we have covered the entire control system from farm to fork.

With this approach, the company is successfully preserving the distinctive taste of tradition, and is able to offer it to modern consumers. We strive to provide more and better, and confirm this by the constant expansion of the range of products that have been satisfying the needs of our loyal consumers for years, both in BiH and in the countries of the region.


Ovako implemented the HACCP certificate in 2000, and after two years it was certified by the Swiss organization SGS (the world's leading company for inspection, verification, testing and certification.)

HACCP is a system of self-control and quality, and is based on the processes of risk analysis and critical control points with the ultimate goal of safe and healthy food.

Traceability as the basis of HACCP certification is an important link in the security system and it is kept in detail, and allows us to have at any time information about the origin of ingredients, preparation and production as well as the place of sale. In addition to internal control, the quality guarantee is also given by accredited laboratories, which by their own testing provide certificates on the correctness of products and compliance with legal regulations on food safety and security.


ISO certificates are a confirmation that the company operates in accordance with the highest standards of quality and food safety, and they include ISO 9001, ISO 14001. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized and well-known standard, which, through seven requirements of the standard, is a system that ensures customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

As a socially responsible company, we continuously invest in the conservation and protection of the environment and are certified according to the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard. Today, our company is the only one in BiH that has a functional system for the disposal of slaughterhouse by-products, and a wastewater treatment system. This ensures that the wastewater, which is discharged into the natural recipient, fully meets the set parameters.


Our company was among the first companies in BiH to meet the requirements of halal standards and acquire the conditions for obtaining halal certificate. Halal certification does not only mean halal slaughter of animals. It is a much broader concept, which, among other things, has very strict requirements regarding animal welfare, production process hygiene, food safety, the quality of feed etc.

We have our own feed factory, where our experts pay great attention to the quality of feed for chickens raised on our farms, which necessarily reflects on the quality of the final product, in this case, chicken meat. In the production of animal feed, quality of cereals added to the feed is a top priority. High-quality soybean oil is added as a source of energy, all ingredients are free of genetically modified organisms, and each ingredient is of purely plant origin. No ingredients of animal origin are allowed or used.