Ovako pates are made of fine-minced pieces of meat with additions of salt and natural spices and guaranteed to be without preservatives. They are a perfect spread of delicious taste resulting from the use of the latest processing technology and long-standing knowledge in the production of pates.

  • Pilka Classic

    novoPilka Classic
  • Pilka Piquant

    novoPilka Pikant
  • Pilka Extra

    novoPilka Extra
  • Pilka Tomatina

    novoPilka Tomatina
  • Chicken pates

    Chicken pates
  • Baby beef pate

    Baby beef pate
  • Chicke pate with mushrooms

    Chicke pate with mushrooms
  • Hunters (piquant) pate

    Hunters (piquant) pate


  • SGSHalal Plenty of love has been put into all our products which were produced under the most rigorous quality standards.
    100% halal.